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Flood insurance may be solved as Morpeth plan endorsed

CAMPAIGNERS in a market town devastated by flooding say they have played a significant role in suggesting a solution to the national problem of future insurance cover for families in flood risk areas.

A flood risk insurance model was devised by residents, councillors and traders in Morpeth in the wake of the September 2008 catastrophe, which left 1,000 homes and Achat Kamagra Pas Cher businesses under water.

It was drawn up amid fears the town was suffering "insurance blight" caused by soaring premiums and excesses as a result of the incident, and involves a national fund to make sure that affordable insurance continues to be available to all who need it.

The fund which would be paid for in a pooled system through a levy on household premiums collected by insurance companies would handle liability for flood insurance, so that companies would not have to differentiate between properties based on flood risk when assessing premiums and excesses.

Now the Morpeth campaigners say about 80% of their proposal has been endorsed by the Government in a statement on the way forward for flood risk insurance, after the Masteron Cutting existing deal with insurance companies ends next year.

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman announced that she is in talks with the insurance industry on a scheme which involves a levy on all home insurance policies in an attempt to raise enough money to cover "Comprar Gh Jintropin" insurance claims following severe flooding. It involves extending the industry''s existing but limited practice of cross subsidising the cost of insuring flood risk properties through general policy holders.

Mrs Spelman indicated that the Government supports the idea of "pooling" to ensure flood insurance is both available and affordable in the future.

The Morpeth model was drawn up by a working group comprising the Morpeth Flood Action Group, town council and local chamber of trade. It was presented to a Government working party in February last year by town councillor David Parker.

He said: "The people of Morpeth can congratulate themselves on the local efforts which have made a significant contribution to the solving "Comprar Gh Jintropin" of a national problem.

"We are rather pleased with Caroline Spelman''s statement and feel we have not only gained something for a considerable number of "buy cheap jintropin online" householders in Morpeth, but also contributed towards a national solution for everyone. Our model involves spreading the load of flood risk insurance across the population, and that is something which the Government and the Association of British Insurers now seem to support."

Morpeth Flood Action Group chairman, Alan Bell, said: "We very much welcome this and hope that our model is "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" also used to make the scheme equitable.

"There is a public perception that this model will increase insurance premiums, but the money is already there within the industry and there is an element of cross subsidy at present."

A Defra spokesman said the Government was now considering how the existing cross subsidy can be adjusted to make sure flood risk insurance remains affordable.

The spokesman said: "The Government is adamant that any new approach will not place extra costs on policy holders or the taxpayer."

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